Overland Park Ready To Remove Pit Bull Pan

Breed bans are out of favor in the suburbs and instead local governments look to require more work from pet owners to prove their responsibility.

Check the relevant changes in the golden ghetto . . .

"Staff recommend all former requirements for pit bull ownership be removed from the code; however, owners of newly defined dangerous animals must provide proof of microchipping to the city clerk within 10 days of being designated such. The proposed changes also require owners of dangerous animals to provide proof their pet has been spayed or neutered to the city clerk."

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Overland Park City Council to vote on repeal of pit bull ban

by: Sydnie Holzfaster Posted: / Updated: OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Overland Park could soon drop breed restrictions preventing residents from owning pit bulls. Pet Licensing On Thursday, the Overland Park Public Safety Committee unanimously approved staff recommendations to update city code regarding pet licensing, dog tethering and breed restrictive language.