Newsflash!!! Republicans Attended Meeting!!! Donate To The Kansas Reflector!!!

You'll have to forgive TKC . . .

A few weeks back something this prog blog wrote irked me and inspired a 1000 word jag about journalism. 

That was my mistake given that I typically error on the side of taking people at their word and considering different perspectives seriously . . . That's pretty much a useless skill and a detriment to career advancement.  

Accordingly . . .

A recent missive from the Kansas reflector uncovered SHOCKING deets revealing Kansas republicans attended a MEETING.

God no.


The title sounds salacious but most junkets are overrated for those of us who don't have lavish expense accounts.  

Here's a bit more description . . .

Records obtained by Kansas Reflector show the two aides were approved to travel to Atlanta for a summit of senior staff members of attorneys general offices put on by the Rule of Law Defense Fund, a group associated with the Republican Attorneys General Association. The group paid for the two aides’ expenses.

So . .. . 

Taxpayers didn't pick up the tab and two low level jerks got some time off to gab with lawyers about the election that wasn't even close in Kansas.

This is captivating stuff.

And so . . . 

Last time around TKC advised that people shouldn't donate to the Kansas Reflector. 

Cancel that . . . 

If this is the future of progressive journalism and the competition that doesn't keep TKC awake at night . . . By all means . . . Donate ALL YOU CAN to this news outlet. 

This kind of scintillating content might or might not win the Governor's office again for Guv Kelly . . . But what it won't do is steal away any readers who aren't already desperately bored and likely might find their way back to TKC . . . If only to share tawdry jokes and our appreciation of big booty Instagram models.

Read more via news link . . .

Kansas AG aides attended 'war games' summit where group planned response to Biden win | Kansas Reflector

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two top aides in Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt's office traveled last year to a summit where staffers of conservative attorneys general participated in "war games" to plan how they might respond to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.