New KCI Art Explained

The new Kansas City airport WON'T be getting that fountain this town was promised before the vote.

However, the selection of artsy displays that will be dutifully ignored and age RAPIDLY has earned the attention of local artsy connoisseurs.

Here's the background . . .

"The $1.5 billion airport project, currently under construction, will convert KCI to a single-terminal facility. Based on the $565 million vertical construction cost, which includes a new parking garage, the city’s One Percent for Art program calls for about $5.65 million to fund public art at the reconfigured airport, constituting the largest public art project in Kansas City history."

Read more via news link for an exceptional review of new pieces that won't earn as much attention as junk food offerings . . . 

Julius A. Karash on Business and the Arts: Kansas City Spirit Takes Flight in KCI Public Art Selections - KC STUDIO

Rendering of "The Air Up There" by Kansas City Art Institute alum Nick Cave. The work was selected for the check-in hall ceiling at the new KCI. (Build KCI) Art infused with local connections will greet passengers and visitors at the reconfigured Kansas City International Airport, which is scheduled for completion in March 2023.