Missouri Democratic Party Suffers Labor Day FAIL

A slap in the face from a former associate shows us that our friends in the Missouri Democratic Party aren't at all prepared for the political carnage that's coming via the 2022 midterm elections.

Reality if readers can forgive our cheesy Norma Rae lead photo reference . . . 


Here are the basics . . .

The charge, filed last December by Ben Conover, 29, of St. Louis, accuses Missouri Democratic Party leaders of breaking federal labor law by suspending and firing him to “discourage” protected union activities.

The NLRB’s decision to proceed with Conover’s case may represent a precedent-setting action for the board, which at least as recently as 2017 said it “has never addressed jurisdiction over political parties.”

The case is also part of a larger conflict playing out within the state party, as former employees accuse leaders of trying to sabotage a unionization effort last year even as Democrats actively courted support from organized labor.

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Missouri's union-friendly Democratic Party accused of unfair labor practices

JEFFERSON CITY - The former data director for Missouri Democrats says he is in settlement negotiations with the state party after the National Labor Relations Board found merit to his unfair labor practices charge. The charge, filed last December by Ben Conover, 29, of St.