Massive Prairie Village Rent Spike Threatens Seniors

The housing crisis is taking hold across the Kansas City metro.

Translation: White people will also be impacted by the new COVID economic reality.

Here's a hint at middle-class drama . . .

"Give people more options, because some of these people really have no other options. Maybe stay in an apartment that isn't renovated and raise the rent seven percent and not forty three percent. My mom honestly felt like she was going to be 81 years old and homeless on the streets of Kansas City."

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Older residents at Prairie Village apartments concerned after 45% rent increase, terminated leases

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - Prairie Village is known as a pleasant place to live. However, some residents say they may not be able to live there much longer. The Kenilworth apartment complex is seeing changes that may force some of their older residents out. Management sent a letter out to residents back on August 18.