Locals Join School Book Ban Hotness

Here's a bit of local literary debate the deserves attention . . .

A local protester seems honest about her concern over reading material. Sadly, the impulse to ban books throughout the nation's schools seems to be intensifying.

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Protesters in Cass County say the public library must remove a children's book from its shelves

Protesters in Cass County say the public library must get rid of a children's book. The book covers puberty and sex education.For the second time, the monthly Cass County Public Library Board of Trustees meeting had protestors present. The protestors were holding signs and voicing their displeasure with the book, "It's Perfectly Normal", by Robbie Hays, being on the library's shelves.

Author of 'I am Rosa Parks' calls out PA school district for banning book: 'You're on the wrong side'

"I am Rosa Parks" author Brad Meltzer criticized the Central York School District for its decision to "freeze" a list of books. He believes this is a non-partisan issue and the district is "on the wrong side" for banning books about prominent figures like Rosa Parks.

Texas Mom Loses It Over Anal Sex in Book at School Board Meeting

Play video content A Texas mom used her time at the podium during a school board meeting to rant about sexually explicit content -- namely anal sex. The woman, who is being identified online as Kara Bell, attended the meeting -- which was supposed to be about COVID -- to bring up her concerns in a book available to middle school students.

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