Kick-Ass TKC Reader Calculates Councilman Eric Bunch Recall Numbers

Here's an important bit of KCMO follow-up given that Take Back KC activists are working to overcome 12th & Oak numbers games and the social media army of followers amassed by Councilman Bunch amid a recall effort that has now been granted an extension.

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This AWESOME TKC READER wants to help the city clerk determine how many signatures are needed to recall Councilman Bunch and we will show our calculations.
The city clerk has two unsupported different numbers 2,447 at the beginning of the recall and now 2,673 at the end of the recall petition process. 

This should not be that difficult, the election day results are only two years old.

Kansas City Election Board
Bunch: 5727
Jolley: 5366

Clay County Election Board   
Bunch: 484    
Jolley: 626


Bunch: 6211             
Jolley: 5992

Total Votes: 12203

20 percent of 12203 equals 2,441

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