KC Tenants Demand More Free Rent Money: 'That's Gonna Run Out Soon!!!"

Here's a peek about outcry for more stimmy as activists reiterate demands for free housing and acknowledge that KCMO is unprepared to fund so many new entitlements.

Check the money line . . .

The city currently has $4.7 million available in federal COVID-19 relief funding for emergency rental and utilities assistance. Once that money is spent, the city will have an additional $7 million available to spend, for a total of $11.7 million in federal dollars for emergency rent and utility assistance.

“That’s gonna run out soon,” KC Tenants leader Mason Andrew Kilpatrick said. “So we know we have to apply pressure to get that stuff out now, but there is a long-term vision as well that we’re working towards.”

The demands include improving the emergency rental assistance application, preventing landlords from evicting a tenant who has applied for assistance and using rental assistance to pay off an eviction judgement.

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Housing advocates call for improvements to Kansas City's rental assistance - The Beacon

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