Kasnas City Police Shooting Training Day: Could You Do Better?!?

Everybody loves to second guess people in charge without understanding challenges confronted. 

Accordingly, KCPD works to share insight with community

Here's just a bit of testimony . . .

Each of the three simulations put us, the participants, in a “shoot or don’t shoot” scenario with the help of police officer actors playing the “bad guys” in each scenario. Note to our readers, since these police officer “actors” have already lived through the scenarios in real life, they’re at least two steps ahead from the get-go on how we civilians are going to react. On the converse, we as participants also knew the crap was going to hit the fan, we just didn’t know when.

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Shoot, don't shoot: A Day in the Life of a KC Cop

Recently the News Dog was invited by the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department (KCPD) to participate in their officer-involved shooting (OIS) simulator drills at the regional police academy at the Shoal Creek Station.