Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Fights Native American Lady Pay Gap

Check a bit of statistical shaming in Ms. Magazine from a recent column partially penned by the Kansas politico . . .

"Beyond the obvious injustice of unequal pay, Native women are doing essential work that our country relies on to keep moving. That has been especially true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as nearly three in 10 Native women have been on the front lines providing essential services—from health care to child care to stocking the local grocery stores. Despite their critical contributions during a national crisis, Native women in these frontline industries earn just 62 cents for every dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men. For Native American mothers, the wage gap is even worse—they receive only 50 cents for every dollar that non-Hispanic white fathers are paid."

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The Wage Gap is Leaving Native Women Behind - Ms. Magazine

Wednesday, Sept. 8, marks Native Women's Equal Pay Day-the day it takes Native women in America to earn what non-Hispanic white men finished making on December 31 of last year. As two women elected to Congress, we're proud to fight alongside Native women for just wages and safe working conditions.