Kansas Guv Kelly Caution On COVID Vaxx Mandate Offers Moderate Dem Example

The Kansas leader defeated the extreme right wing in her state by staying above the fray and calmly responding in the face of far-too-aggressive extremists who turned away just about every female voter in the state. 

Credit where it's due . . . Whilst we often disagree with many of her policy decisions - Especially, her record in handling KDOL tech issues during the worst days of the COVID crisis . . . There's no denying that she's a smart politico who has a track record of successfully diffusing a great deal of red state outrage.  

We'll see if GOP challengers can calmly counter her tactics . . . But the social media discourse predictably succumbs to rage-pr0n and in order to garner attention . . . Which is a big part of the reason the GOP lost against her the first time.  

Here's her very cautious money quote . . . 

“From the first day of this pandemic, Governor Kelly has consistently done everything in her power to keep Kansas families safe, kids in school, businesses open and the economy growing – including aggressively leading the charge to get as many shots in arms as possible after the arrival of the vaccine. As this announcement will impact many Kansans, we are still waiting on additional guidance on what this plan means for our residents, and our administration needs to thoroughly review it further before we comment on specifics. In the meantime, Kansas families can rest assured that the Governor will continue to make any decisions relating to COVID-19  based on science, not politics.”



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Kansas governor has not taken stance on Biden's vaccine mandate, as the state awaits details from feds

TOPEKA (KSNT) - The President's recent vaccine mandate has stirred controversy among business owners and lawmakers. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has not yet taken a clear stance on whether or not she supports the mandate. The Kansas Capitol Bureau inquired about the Governor's thoughts on the mandate on Friday, but there was no comment.