Kansas City Zoo Gorilla Garners Better Medical Care Than You!!!

Generally, we're opposed to Kansas City captivity at taxpayer expense.

However, this story of groundbreaking local care provides even more cowtown inspiration . . . And the treatment is much more intensive than what most low-rent insurance companies would allow. 

Usually, a low-income pleb would get a nice letter telling them to die quietly if they demanded this kind of medical attention. 

A few deets . . .

"It was only the seventh time in the world that a gorilla-to-gorilla blood transfusion has been performed.It all started this spring, when zoo staff noticed one of their two male gorillas, Curtis, wasn't acting like himself."They noticed he wasn’t eating as well, and he was kind of hunched over every now and then, and seemed like he might have some abdominal discomfort," veterinarian"

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Kansas City Zoo celebrates innovative procedure that saved gorilla's life

KANSAS CITY, MO - A rare and innovative procedure at the Kansas City Zoo saved the life of one of their resident gorillas. Zoo staff say it was truly a team effort, and one that will go down in the record books.