Forgive the vulgar pun . . .

For those who haven't seen it already, here's a great place to stand up for lady rights, also, maybe avoid thinking about some of the more unsavory aspects of "reproductive choice" and, of course, wear those stupid pink hats just in time for Fall. 

Check the call for action . . . 

Women's March Kansas City 2021

October 2, 2021, The Crossroads To The City Market

March Begins Promptly At 16th And Main (Crossroads)
And Will End To 3rd And Main (City Market)

Rally Will Start Promptly at Noon at 3rd And Main

March Is 1.3 Miles From Crossroads To City Market

We Will March Alongside The Free KC Street Car Route!

Plenty Of Parking Along Route & Free Streetcar Rides To Locations!
There has never been a more crucial time for women and all our allies to show up in support of our health care, our rights, and our freedoms.
We encourage people of all ages, all races, all religious backgrounds, all sexual orientations, all gender identities to come together and make a difference!

We refuse to go back to the days when women died from unsafe back-alley abortions because we didn’t have access to reproductive health care. We can't go back to a country in which our health and rights are not protected by our Constitution. And we won't.

I know that this movement is capable of moving mountains, because I've seen it happen time after time when we march.
The first Women’s March showed the world that our resistance is massive and fired up. It inspired young women and women of color to run for office – many who’d never even considered it. Last year, we marched right before the 2020 Election and came together as a movement to turn the tides of our country. Our organizing work that day helped turn out a record number of women voters and win back power in the White House and Senate.

Marching on October 2 before the Supreme Court reconvenes is the next step to reverse the attacks against our bodies and our rights. But it will take every Women's Marcher joining together in this fight to make sure we stop this onslaught of attacks against abortion rights.

Will you take a moment and mark going now and pledge to march with us on October 2? Will share this Group and invite others? There is strength in numbers! We must show up and show out, speak up and speak out!


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