Kansas City Streetcar Extension Construction Kills Midtown

Credit to college J-School Kangaroos for filing a report that actually offers a bit of practical info without the paywall.

Here's a peek at how commuter times and sidewalks will be destroyed weeks & months to come . . .

Currently, most of the construction is happening between Main Street and Volker Boulevard. However, KC Water plans to shift its focus towards the following regions later this month:

- 7th Street between May and Central
- Wyandotte Street between 13th and 14th
- Broadway Boulevard between 17th and 18th
- Central Street between 17th and 18th
- 17th Street between Broadway and Central
- Cherry Street between 11th and 12th
- 12th Street between Locust and Cherry
- Holmes Street between 13th and 14th
- 14th Street between Locust and Holmes
- Locust Street between Truman and 16th

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Water main construction paves way for streetcar, causes hassle for drivers | UMKC Roo News

Kansas City's Water Main Replacement Program has required certain routes - including high-traffic areas - be closed throughout its seven-year construction process. These closures have caused many traffic hassles and detours for commuting UMKC students and KC residents alike. Sophomore Whitney Ro ...

Meanwhile . . . The newspaper files a far more esoteric report that seems like they just discovered capitalism & property taxes last month. Thankfully, I think it's hidden by their revenue killing paywall.

Kansas City Star: "Could the streetcar expansion tax people out of their homes? One homeowner thinks so"

Developing . . .