Kansas City Streetcar Extension Kills Small Biz

Developers and middle-class scumbags are quick to write-off the suffering of working people. 

However . . . The cost of "progress" on Main Street comes at the expense of every small biz that helped to main the corridor before the gentrification effort. 

A quick peek at the situation . . . 

“They’ve closed our sidewalks like people can’t even get to our business,” Cross said. “So we get phone calls and we direct them to go down an alley and through people’s yards to get to parts of the sidewalks that are open. Every single day we come in there’s a different route that you have to take to get to the shop.”

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KC Streetcar construction, crashes impacting Main Street shop owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While many can look forward to an expanded streetcar in 2025, businesses along Main Street are asking now for safer, accessible traffic patterns. One year of construction and an overhaul of infrastructure along Main Street is well underway ahead of the expansion.