Kansas City Stays Losing Labor Day Weekend Playlist

Typically we focus on the state of American & local labor for this weekend but COVID has pretty much made that irrelevant.

Sure, the firefighters push around most city hall politicos in order to secure sweetheart overtime deals and a bevy of other perks . . . And the police union serves as the boogeyman antithesis of KC's social media activist majority. 

However . . . 

The pandemic has heightened the struggle betwixt the plebs, their day jobs and the corporations who cleverly manage a way to profit from all of the world's misery.  

Even worse . . . The abundance of free money has created a "incongruous circumstance" wherein the economy has turned schizophrenic and suffers both higher unemployment and an abundance of job vacancies that are crushing small biz. Smarter locals than TKC will have to figure that one out. 

Accordingly, we present a late night reading list for curious souls and insomniacs . . .

Federal unemployment benefits end this weekend for millions of Americans. Many are scared of what comes next

The federal government expanded the safety net for the jobless to a historic degree last year, when the U.S. was in the throes of its most rapid economic downturn in history.

Jobs report adds fresh concerns over Monday's unemployment cliff

More than 9 million Americans are set to lose their unemployment benefits and millions more will see their weekly incomes plummet as a host of federal pandemic jobless aid programs expire next week. Three programs covering a combined 12.1 million people will end on Monday without action from the White House or Congress.

Why America has 8.4 million unemployed when there are 10 million job openings

A mystery sits at the heart of the economic recovery: There are 10 million job openings, yet more than 8.4 million unemployed are still actively looking for work. The job market looks, in some ways, like a boom-time situation.

And so, because it's our www.TonysKansasCity.com tradition for night owls and our amusement . . . Here's our playlist on the topic of labor, workers and confusion amid the ongoing COVID plague . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.