Kansas City Star Posts Eviction Activist Talking Points Sunday

Worsening Kansas City evictions aren't news, they're a long time coming.

Moreover . . . 

Kansas City has confronted activist outcry FOR YEARS on behalf of the "house-less" and poverty-stricken who claim that "housing is a human right" and denounce the rent and ignore the plight of small-time homeowners. 

Nevertheless . . . The paper decides to take up this cause and attempt to charge up to five bucks for the crocodile tears documented in this Sunday edition.

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'The eviction crisis is real': It was years in the making. COVID-19 was a tipping point.

The end came in a note taped to Cherrie Hakim's door. It may not be her door for much longer. Hakim has lived in the southeast Kansas City home with her husband, a Korean War veteran, for the past 19 months.