Kansas City Star Percolates Racial Animosity For Coffee Shop Crowdfunding?!?

We've got some decent stuff brewing for tonight but right now we want to share an important insight from our blog community about cash and worsening cowtown racial avarice.

Here's the word from our KICK-ASS TKC blog community . . .

The Star has story about a woman who moved to KC from NYC and is asking for $88,000 in donations to open a coffee shop "for the community":

'For the community': Cafe Cà Phê to open coffee shop in Kansas City's Columbus Park

Cafe Cà Phê, a Vietnamese mobile coffee truck that launched in Kansas City last year, is opening a brick and mortar location this winter. Jackie Nguyen, Cafe Cà Phê's owner, announced on Instagram last week that the coffee shop - known for it's Hella Good Latte, made with ube, a purple sweet potato - is opening a permanent location in Columbus Park.

For some reason, the Star story does not mention their own past coverage of her coffee shop:

Hey, old white men, y'all run everything. It's time for some others to take the lead

When Kansas City coffee shop owner Jackie Nguyen spotted the sticker reading, "I'VE HEARD ENOUGH FROM OLD WHITE MEN," during a shopping trip earlier this month, it made her chuckle because with light humor it spoke to the lack of diversity and inclusion seen in the highest places of power in America.

Now, of course we wish all small biz good luck . . . However, the newspaper stirring up racial hateration for the sake advancing a flimsy political agenda might leave a bitter taste in the mouths or readers and potential customers.

You decide . . .