Kansas City Police Commish Busted Over Résumé Beef

Allegedly padding credentials is a VERY BIG DEAL for reporters who graduated from the "lower Ivies" and never reached the pinnacle of American journalism - MSNBC.

Here's the response . . .

"In an email Monday, Cramer insisted that she was on the board of both charitable organizations. As for the Klemmer claim, she said that it is “an intense leadership program which has four programs which internally was compared to working for a PHD.”

Reality check . . . This is local state-run media doing their very best to push for "local control" despite dire consequences for community denizens who don't have time to conduct measuring contests over degrees.

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New Kansas City Police Board Appointee Falsely Claimed Charity Work, University Credit

Dawn Cramer, who was appointed to the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson on Aug. 26, falsely claimed she was on the board of two charities and that she had "completed a high-level PhD program" at a university.