Kansas City, MO State Senator Greg Razer Aghast Over LGBT History Smacked Down!!!

Forgive me for being practical . . .

Kansas City is in the midst of a housing crisis, a deadly crime uptick AND people are still suffering from the pandemic. 

There are a great many things which should concern the Kansas City Democratic Party Super Minority Caucus . . . I'm not sure if championing historical exhibits, LGBT or otherwise, is a major concern.

Of course, State Sen. Razer deserves consideration to argue otherwise . . .

“There is NOTHING controversial about an exhibit that explains how members of the LGBT community fought to end persecution and demand rights as citizens,” Razer tweeted on Thursday. “I’m extremely disappointed and angry that mostateparks may think otherwise."

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Gay history exhibit removed from museum at Missouri Capitol

A state senator from Kansas City said he is demanding answers after an exhibit on the gay rights movement in Missouri was removed from the state Capitol.Democrat Sen. Greg Razer, the only openly gay member of the Missouri Senate, said he was "appalled" when he was told the exhibit, "Making History: Kansas City and the Rise of Gay Rights" had been removed from the Missouri State Museum at the Capitol.