Kansas City Labor Day Weekend News Deep Dive


Right now pr0n hottie Luna doing a bit of promo work inspires us to take a peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines for Saturday. 

Also, a fun fact regarding her provocative bikini choice . . . 

The "you can't wear white after Labor Day," rule was created to separate the old money elitists from the new money group. ... For those who had money and could leave the city during warmer months, white was considered vacation attire.

Accordingly . . . 

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Look Closely For TKC!!!

2020 Kansas City-area Hispanic Heritage Month community stakeholders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As part of KSHB 41 News' Hispanic Heritage Month coverage, we're highlighting people in the Kansas City area who work and advocate for the Hispanic community. Below is a list of 2020's Hispanic Heritage Month stakeholders:

Heartland COVID Spike Worsens

Analysis: Missouri, Kansas COVID-19 cases continue to surge in August

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri reported more than 76,000 new COVID-19 cases and Kansas added nearly 39,000 cases in August, the largest surges since before vaccines became widely available. Missouri also added 1,100 deaths, though not all of the deaths occurred in August.

Golden Ghetto Update Revealed

Overland Park group shares potential plans for revamped downtown corridor

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - City leaders in Overland Park are reviewing potential plans to revamp downtown. On Wednesday, members of the Overland Park Community Development Committee heard a proposal from the Downtown Overland Park Partnership (DOPP) on potential renovations to the Overland Park Corridor and farmers market.

Gift Of Life Needed

Kansas City blood supply is at emergency levels

Storage shelves at Community Blood Center are bare.

Developer Deal Deets Teased

VanTrust grabs historic KC library among new East Village acquisitions - Kansas City Business Journal

VanTrust Real Estate is in the latter stages of assembling properties within Kansas City's East Village, to which it has development rights. The builder this week acquired two properties in the redevelopment area and a historic former Kansas City Public Library building a block to the west.

Suits Dispute Pr0n Biz

OnlyFans and the business establishment's anti-porn conspiracy

If CEOs are increasingly acting as the fourth branch of government, then they certainly seem to have a moralistic streak, going much further than the law requires in terms of staying well away from porn.

Prez Biden Under Siege

Analysis: A truly awful week for Joe Biden

This is a week President Joe Biden would like to forget. But Republicans won't let that happen anytime soon.

Lady Crackdown Starts

Taliban special forces bring abrupt end to women's protest

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Taliban special forces in camouflage fired their weapons into the air Saturday, bringing an abrupt and frightening end to the latest protest march in the capital by Afghan women demanding equal rights from the new rulers.

No Freedom Of The Press South Of The Border

Mexico's Journalists Hold Truth To Power, And Lose Their Lives For It

MEXICO CITY -- When Gildo Garza finally fled his home state of Tamaulipas in 2017 and arrived in Mexico City, he knew where to go first: the federal attorney general's office. Even if the chances were slim, he had a sliver of hope investigators would find and prosecute the narcos and corrupt politicians who wanted him dead for his reporting.

MAGA Suffers Family Feud

Mary Trump calls her uncle, Donald Trump, a 'fascist' but adds he wouldn't understand what that means

Former President Donald Trump's estranged niece, Mary Trump, says he has the personality of a fascist leader. Speaking to Insider following the release of her new book, "The Reckoning: Our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal," the 56-year-old psychologist explained why she thinks that the former president is a "born autocrat."

Talker Denounces Military Intelligence

Tucker Carlson: Our military has been lying to us for 20 years

In July of 2017, every member of the joint chiefs of staff met with newly-elected President Donald Trump for the first time. It didn't go well. "You're all losers," the president told them, according to Foreign Policy magazine account. "You don't know how to win anymore."

Here's The Scoop On Ice Cream Conspiracy

Right to repair and McDonald's ice cream: Why FTC is investigating broken McFlurry machines

You've probably heard about how McDonald's McFlurry machines never seem to work. Even McDonald's has hinted it might have a problem with its ice cream dispensers. And now, according to The Wall Street Journal, the FTC is reportedly looking into why MacDonald's ice cream machines often seem to be out of order.

Communism Crushes Gender Politics

China's media cracks down on 'effeminate' styles

By Beth Timmins Business reporter, BBC News China's broadcasting regulator has said it will ban "effeminate" aesthetics in entertainment shows and that "vulgar influencers" should be avoided. It's part of a tightening of rules over what it described as "unhealthy content" in programmes.


Coffee prices haven't been this high in 4 years

After surging in the spring, the prices of goods like lumber, corn and soybeans have come back down to Earth. Coffee is headed in the opposite direction.

Hip-Hop Cover Sparks Controversy

Brands, Politicians, and People Not Named Drake: Your Certified Lover Boy Memes Are Not Good

Drake's career has mirrored the trajectory of social media itself and has been cultivated therewithin. Twitter and Instagram are two of his most powerful toys, and his self-awareness of his highly memeability on any given day is evident. So it's only right that the social marketing gets kicked into high gear when Drake has a new album to sell.

Doggie Style Demands Care

New sanctuary for older shelter dogs opens in Shawnee

Older shelter dogs who don't get adopted have a new place they can call home. "We focus on senior dogs who need a home," said Kathryn Lask, co-founder of Imagine Furever Ranch.The new home is called the Imagine Furever Ranch in Shawnee.

Kansas City Hipster Breakfast Gut Buster Debuts

A new Crossroads deli makes a Jersey-style breakfast sandwich worthy of Tony Soprano

Howard Hanna isn't yet sure what to call the processed porcine meat offered at King G (500 E. 18th St., KCMO, kinggkc.com ). "In North Jersey, it's Taylor Ham," the chef says. "In the south side of the state, they call it pork roll."

Salvy Deserves Hall Of Fame

The defensive quirk at the core of the Salvador Perez's Cooperstown arguments

We watch sports, in part, to see athletes pursue greatness. This desire to continually be impressed and awed by ever-increasing feats of ability is perfectly understandable, but it often skews our perspective. It forces us to look at "the next big thing" when the current big thing is still doing great, and it is the source of silly and meaningless arguments about who is best.

Inclusivity Somewhere Else

Missouri LGBTQ exhibit finds new home after removal from Capitol

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A gay-rights exhibit that was removed from the Missouri State Capitol after the governor's office received several complaints has found a new home. The Department of Natural Resources announced Friday that the exhibit would be displayed in the Lohman Building at Jefferson Landing State Historic Site, beginning Saturday.

Katie Shares Weekend Weather Report

Morning rain gives way to a clear and cool Saturday evening


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