Kansas City Hipsters Demand Street Cred For Riding The Bus

This report is nothing more than urbanist hype intended to make middle-class white people feel as if they should be sainted for stepping aboard a bus a few days of the month.

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Now RideKC is slowly opening its doors, starting with the monthly events. Partners can choose whether they’d like to host their services outside or inside the lobby. David Johnson, vice president of RideKC, said he hopes the collaboration will encourage riders to explore everything the new center has to offer.

“We want to be a beacon on the east side of downtown,” he said. “Most of the amenities downtown pretty much stop at City Hall, and there’s really nothing over here but us.”

The additional services are intended to support and give back to the riders who have stuck with RideKC. The pandemic drove home the idea that many KC residents don’t have other transportation options, Johnson said.

Meanwhile public transit has become even more dangerous amid the pandemic and, like it or not, more people are looking for alternatives to commuter culture of any sort. 

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How RideKC Is Trying to Build a Better Bus Stop With Community Partners

Library employees Kelly Barry and Megan McNaughton flip through one of the informational packets offered at the pop-up in August. (Photo by Emily Wolf) Waiting for his RideKC bus Monday afternoon, Norman Tate noticed a new addition outside the East Village Transit Center - a table covered with books, flyers, tote bags, masks and informational flyers.