Kansas City Hipsters Demand Pets On Streetcar Extension

Special thanks to THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS for sending word of an upcoming movement to bring pets aboard upcoming toy train streetcar expansion.

Check what passes for cowtown animal rights advocacy . . .

"The upcoming extension of the streetcar route into Riverfront Park presents a huge opportunity. Although currently the Streetcar allows service animals only, author Mark Cushing and Bar K co-founder Leib Dodell see an opportunity to implement pet-friendly streetcar strategies that would alleviate parking demands and provide pet-friendly public transit options to the emerging Berkley Riverfront community. Cushing points out that approximately 70% of American households have pets, and 62% of those pets are owned by Millennials and Gen Z-ers – precisely the folks most likely to be living and playing in the new Berkley Riverfront neighborhood. He believes these folks will demand pet-friendly transportation options. “This change is coming,” Cushing said. “Already, apartment managers, hotel operators and employers have had to adapt rapidly to Pet Nation."

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Entrepreneurs, Experts See Opportunity for Pet-Friendly Streetcar

With the recent announcement that Kansas City's streetcar route will be extended into Berkley Riverfront Park, pet industry experts see an opportunity to extend Kansas City's reputation for innovation by exploring pet-friendly transportation strategies. In his important new book "Pet Nation," author