Kansas City High School Hoops History Well Remembered

Apropos to finish #TBT . . . The glory days of Kansas City b-ball are long gone but tonight local moviemakers remember the good times.

Take a look . . .

“I guess a little bit of escapism and kind of going back to a simpler time when gyms were packed,” said Taye, one of the co-directors of the film. “When games and fan engagement were so different, they were living and dying on every bucket.”

The documentary primarily covers the time span from 1988-1998, when young stars were rising and playing for the honor of your school meant everything for players and fans.

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Sold out crowd for premiere of new documentary about Kansas City high school hoops

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Before social media, elite summer leagues and million dollar sneaker contracts, high school basketball looked and felt different. That so-called 'golden era' of high school basketball in Kansas City drew a sold-out crowd for the premiere of 'From Paseo to Pembroke' at Screenland Armour Theatre in North Kansas City on Thursday night.