Kansas City Free Money For Rent Fraught With Problems

Getting free cash is never easy . . . The reality is that most of it isn't really for hobos and people who desperately need it. 

Like all charity . . . The majority of it is spent in administration costs.

Money line . . .

"The department has frequently received incomplete or incorrectly filled out applications for federal assistance programs that could help residents with rent and utilities, and this is slowing down the disbursement of aid. “The biggest challenge issue we have in processing applications is incorrect or insufficient information, so this will help us process the applications faster and get the money out faster to those who need it most,” Jennifer Tidwell, interim director of the Housing and Community Development Department, said in the release."

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Kansas City to open an emergency rental assistance center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rent has been a concern for many as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause work instability. Kansas City is opening a center Friday to help those in need apply for aid.