Kansas City Firefighter Confronts Domestic Drama Court Fight

A longstanding dispute with neighbors turns horrific and the deets of the beatdown include allegations of brutality that no person should have to endure. There's a bare-chested mugshot that TKC isn't going to include because I don't want this fire dude looking for me. 

However, the alleged victims in this case are much braver as they are talking to media about the aftermath of a pummeling delivered by a guy who still works for KCFD . . . Here's a worthwhile description . . .

"Upon arriving he punched the victim in the face, threw her to the ground, and continued to assault her. As many as 20 bystanders watched in horror," Khadijah Hardaway, organizer of the news conference, said.

"My wife had her face disfigured. What he did to her. She didn't deserve none of that. She was on her way to work," Douglas Fleming, husband of woman who was injured, said.

"Well I've had guns pulled on me twice. When I come out of my home I'm being harassed by being called names. I'm being cursed at - just verbally abused," Annetta Jackson, a neighbor on the cul-de-sac, said.

"And he assaulted me with a garden hose one day. And he's just jacked with the whole neighborhood. You know, this guy needs to go to prison for a long long time. I'm a firefighter. He's a firefighter and he's a disgrace," John Diibon, Robinson's direct neighbor to the right, said.

But as neighbors spoke to reporters, police arrived and Robinson's family started taking video. As time went on the depths of the decades long feud become more clear.

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Kansas City firefighter embroiled in cul-de-sac drama heads to court for assault

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Next week, a Kansas City firefighter accused of assaulting a woman on the side of the road is heading to court. Ahead of the hearing, the firefighter's neighbors are pushing for a heavy punishment, saying he has harassed multiple people before and since the incident.