Kansas City Fakes Public Participation During Pandemic

In much the same way that "online learning" is mostly a bad joke and yet another aspect of our culture that has mostly FAILED American students during the pandemic . . . The illusion of civic participation via teleconferencing is a persistent myth. 

In theory, here's how it's supposed to work . . . 

"The committee agenda will lay out any rules for testimony, including time limits for each speaker. When joining a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting, you will be designated as an attendee. If public testimony is requested, you can click the “raise your hand” button in order to be recognized and allowed to speak."

As always, the reality is much worse.

Public meetings in KCMO are mostly rigged when there's something important under discussion and the plebs are crowded out by paid/sponsored protesters who voice talking points designed by local consulting firms. 

There are casting calls on Craigslist but most of the work is found by way of "full employment" programs. 

Still . . . As the myth of American democracy begins to quickly fade, we're glad to see there are still a few true believers out there . . . For now. 

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Showing up and speaking out: How to participate in KC's government process

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