Kansas City Faith Blogging War Of Terror

The neo-con vision of global interventionism has now been disavowed and forgotten by so many right-wing talkers who suffer long-term memory loss and forget that their party championed the idea less than 20 years ago. 

To be fair . . . With only a few exceptions, the spineless Democratic Party jumped aboard the war bandwagon in the aftermath of 9/11 as well.

Sadly, progressive thinkers are agonizing over the legacy of FAILED U.S. policy that wasn't really more complicated than a scheme to win lucrative defense contracts. 

Accordingly . . . 

Here's local faith blogger Bill attempting to find meaning amid a recent retreat . . . And probably blame Prez Trump and his supporters for something that wasn't really their idea.

"Something else we need to remember is that we are searching for trouble when we do what radical Islamist terrorists do, which is to try to justify their actions by rooting them in scripture."

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