Kansas City Dowtown Condo Good Life Explained

As the pandemic continues and evictions start, we notice that real estate agents are DESPERATE to start selling property.

The only problem is that most of the cowtown plebs are too broke to afford a nice downtown Kansas City condo or luxury apartment. 

On the bright side . . . 

Check some AMAZING ad copy that almost makes life inside the loop seem appealing IF we didn't know already know that there's a risk of being attacked by angry hobos . . . Here's the word . . .

"While many apartment and condominium dwellers have the means to purchase a home, they choose to enjoy the spoils of maintenance-free living, on-site fitness and walkable neighborhoods. They also get a sense of community that’s rare to find in even the friendliest neighborhood of single-family homes, with pool parties, barbecues, big game parties, fitness classes and outdoor gatherings so residents can mix and mingle."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Guide to Luxury Apartments and Condos of Kansas City

From the tony highrises overlooking Country Club Plaza to posh, parklike new developments in Johnson County, Kansas City is home to a new breed of amenity-rich apartment communities. Retirees and millenials make up the lion's share of residents in newer communities, and developers are catering to their lifestyles by building resort-like communities with more amenities than the Beverly Wilshire.