Kansas City COVID Vaxx Door Knocking Cont'd

Here's a friendly and optimistic glimpse at a public health effort . . .

"It creates a different level of trust," a local health worker said. "I know with our canvassing efforts so far, we have gotten over 200 people vaccinated at different locations, just talking to them.”

Whilst some might find the pandemic conversation a bit of an imposition . . . The sorrowful reality is that most people don't have anyone to confide in and spend their days and night watching talking heads scream at them or attempt to spin reality . . . And so, a moment real world discourse might not be so terrifying.

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Health center staff walk Kansas City neighborhoods in effort to get more people vaccinated

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Staff with Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center spent Thursday going door-to-door hoping to educate people about the COVID-19 vaccine. The team ventured to Quinlan Place and Quinlan Row, plus another nearby community Thursday afternoon. The team is finding that people just don't trust the vaccine works.