Kansas City COVID Masks FOREVER?!?!

No one ever predicted that there would be a new American dress code that would last indefinitely.

But here we are . . . 

Again, whilst drunk uncles and the plebs debate the effectiveness of masks . . .

TKC maintains and is backed by the "science" of common sense that COVID mask are mostly harmless and medical professionals along with many people in Asian countries have been wearing them throughout their days and nights for years. 

Slap fighting over COVID mask effectiveness is a boring topic given that American life requires us to endure a great many pointless charades like weddings, spelling bees and couples counseling.

Here are some key findings from the KC Chamber’s survey that pushes masks:

- 85% of businesses surveyed said they are not requiring vaccinations for employees currently

- 78% of businesses said they are requiring mask-wearing and other protocols in the workplace as a preventative measure

- 34% said they are incentivizing vaccinations for employees in some form, such as giving cash bonuses or increases in PTO

- 31% of businesses have travel restrictions in place for employees

- 20% of employers are not allowing visitors into their workplace

- 44% of employers have changed their return-to-office policy due to the Delta variant

Translation . . . 

Pick a mask that's at least somewhat effective and that you enjoy wearing . . . They're going to be around for awhile . . .

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Most Kansas City-Area Businesses Not Requiring Vaccines For Workers, But Do Want Masks

A new survey of more than 180 members of the Greater Kansas City Area Chamber of Commerce showed that more than 80% of local businesses and organizations are so far not requiring workers be vaccinated, though nearly 80% are requiring masks be worn on their premises.