Kansas City COVID Mask Mandate Court Fight Cont'd

The mask mandate is expected to expire next week . . . But COVID stats indicate the plague is still spreading locally.

Here's a progress report in the battle betwixt two very ambitious local leaders . . .

The AG's lawyers say they will meet with the city's lawyer to determine what legal issues need to be resolved before evidence is presented to a judge.

The city does not want to produce documents and other evidence that may date back to when the pandemic started, if a judge determines there's no sound basis for the lawsuit.

Both parties are expected back in court on November 5.

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Missouri Attorney General's mask mandate lawsuit against Kansas City moves forward

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The municipal mask mandate may expire next week, but the legal challenge against it will continue, even if it's no longer in effect. A recent change in Missouri law requires that any type of public health restriction be approved by the local legislative body with a vote and renewal every 30 days.