Kansas City At-Large Council Districts Under Attack

The At-Large Council districts are a legacy of the past and probably a pretty decent way to concentrate power among the elite.

And yes, it's only a matter of time before somebody calls the system racist. They did about 10 years ago.

More importantly . . . With voters locked out of the redistricting process because of COVID and very little interest in small time municipal affairs, now is the best time to nix this legacy of the past. 

For TKC, more small-time council members means more hilarity, amateurism and cringe worthy goodness. 

Also, local Latinos have been locked out of council for about 30 years and this might be a way to get somebody, anybody, your cousin elected from at least three major enclaves in KCMO: Midtown, Westside & Northeast. 

Moreover . . .

This way of doing biz is increasingly rare and our suburban friends manage to exist without the at-large districts.

A perspective . . .

"Longtime community activist Clinton Adams suggested the group pursue a charter review committee that could eliminate all at-large council seats, leaving 12 in-district council members and a mayor."

Moreover . . . Getting rid of at-large council positions doesn't have to happen all at once . . . The move can go to 3 and then none.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link that might or might not be worth jumping the paywall considering that this idea is at least a decade old . . .

The Kansas City Council needs a fundamental rethink. Here's how to do it fairly

The commission looking at ways to redraw Kansas City's City Council districts is starting to crunch the numbers, and confront reality: There are fundamental problems with the way Kansas City is governed. That means reform will soon be on the table. First, a refresher. Kansas City has six council districts.

Developing . . .