Kander Earns Global Accolades After Prez Biden Afghanistan FAIL

In a recent love letter from The Guardian, the author was forced to admit that Jason Kander is a highly sought after interview as Sept. 11th approaches and in the aftermath of the sordid Afghanistan retreat. 

Although Mr. Kander swears off all of the political speculation about his future . . . This sub-headline assures us that he'll be running for office sometime in the not to distant future . . . 

"The Missouri Democrat has been described as a possible president – but for now he’s focused on healing wounds of a 20-year war."

About the report . . . 

Mr. Kander has backed away from his instinctive criticism of Prez Biden. 

He's taking a "common sense" approach that's still a lot more interesting than what the talking head pundits are putting forth. 

Now 40-years old, Jason Kander seemingly attempts to bring a sage-like wisdom to so many regrets quickly piling up amongst the millennial generation. 

Again, the note is mostly hype but even the most partisan skeptic might be somewhat impressed that the desperate and often futile search for new Democratic Party leadership consistently mentions Jason Kander. 

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'The intensity has not changed': Jason Kander on the fall of Afghanistan - and trying to get friends out

ason Kander is tired. For weeks the former Missouri secretary of state, an Afghanistan veteran as well as a rising star of Democratic politics, has been working to get Afghans out of the country after its fall to the Taliban. That means working on Afghan time, which means working at night.