Right now there is a palpable level of outrage against Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker following the tragic death of an Independence, Missouri officer killed in the line of duty.

From a reliable source . . . Here is the latest update and perspective from an ANONYMOUS law enforcement supporter. The detail speaks for itself and should indicate insider knowledge:

"Cody was arrested on 09/02/2021 for being a felon in possession of a firearm. That case was submitted to the Jackson County prosecutor office as an “anytime case” for their review. The significance of this is we used to send all gun cases to Jackson County for charges during the initial 24 hour time period we could legally keep someone in custody. The goal was to get all potential violent criminals charged so they had to post a bond or remain in custody. We even revamped and beefed up our gun squad back when NOVA was first started to assist with this.

"We continued to submit all gun cases for in-custody charges for years, even after NOVA was dissolved. Then Jackson County started pushing back and no longer wanted to charge gun possession cases “in-custody”. They wanted the suspect to be released “pending further investigation” and have the case submitted for them to review and charge later. Normally months go by before the case is charged and then the suspect is mailed a court date that they don’t show up for. As a result more months go by until the suspect is picked up on a failure to appear warrant. They are then usually given a court date and released ROR or with a minimal bond.

"Jean Peters pretending to care about violent crime is comical. She does nothing in the way she operates her office that would indicate that was true."


In fairness, here is the latest statement from the Jackson County Prosecutor which contradicts reporting and attempts to shift blame to Clay County . . .

"Contrary to early reporting, the Jackson County prosecutor’s office had not declined to prosecute or file a case against Cody Harrison was out of jail when he shot an Independence Police officer this week.

"In fact, a warrant for Cody Harrison’s arrest was issued on Sept. 13, 2021, after he failed to appear for a hearing in late August in a criminal case initiated in February 2021. We requested that arrest warrant.

"In that case, Harrison was charged with burglary 2nd Degree and Stealing for a Grain Valley, MO, crime. At the time we filed that case, our office’s original request was for a bond of $10,000/10 percent, which is within the state Supreme Court’s bond guidelines. The court, however, issued the $6,000/10 percent bond and it was later reduced by the court to an ROR bond (Release on his own recognizance).

"In addition, Kansas City police submitted to us on Sept. 7 (received by our office on Sept. 9) a new case on Harrison for earlier that month (Sept. 2) carrying a firearm which he was prohibited to carry because he was a convicted felon. That case was under review for charging in our office.

"Though arrested on Sept.2, we did not receive the case until Sept. 9, when Harrison had been out of custody for days.

"Harrison was convicted in 2011 in Clay County of Unlawful Use of A Weapon and sentenced to 15 years in prison. It’s our understanding that he was on parole out of Clay County for that conviction."


Now here's the more interesting part . . . 


Now . . .

What we know for certain is that the Prosecutor is under siege and law enforcement supporters across the region are extremely angry about this situation.

Last night a trusted insider told us this . . . 

"This is a career ending f*ckup. She should be representing constituents, not BLM. Her disputes with police have now created horrible consequences. I would be very surprised if she holds on to her job. She will have NO CONFIDENCE from any of her colleagues."

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22-year-old Independence officer dies after being shot by suspect

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Independence police say a 22-year-old officer shot by a suspect Wednesday has since died from his injuries. "It is with heavy hearts that we announce that this evening, Officer Blaize Madrid-Evans succumbed to his injuries and passed away," the Independence Police Department said in a post on social media.

Suspect in fatal police shooting was felon with open warrant, was recently arrested with handgun

KANSAS CITY/INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) -- KCTV5 has learned that Cody Harrison, the suspect in the fatal shooting of Independence police officer Blaize Madrid-Evans was recently arrested by KCPD with a weapon. He was currently facing other charges which include burglary and stealing. He was out on bond.

Suspect in Independence police officer's death had long criminal history

The suspect investigators say shot and killed 22-year-old Independence police Officer Blaize Madrid-Evans on Wednesday had a long criminal history and several trips to jail and prison.Cody Levi Harrison, 33, of Gladstone was most recently wanted on a warrant in Jackson County for a failure to appear in court in late August.

Law enforcement rallies around Independence Police Department

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Police from around the metro are supporting Independence police officer Blaize Madrid-Evans' family and colleagues. "We're not going to turn our back on anybody, and I don't care what city you're from," said Sgt. Brad Lemon, president of Kansas City, Missouri, Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 99.

You decide . .