Jackson County Explains Rae’s Café COVID Shut Down

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Jackson County closes business for repeated violations of health order

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Today, Jackson County environmental health officials have revoked the food establishment permit for Rae’s Café in Blue Springs due to repeated violations of the County’s public health order requiring masks. Under Chapter 40 of the Jackson County Health Code, the business is deemed an imminent health hazard and has been ordered to close immediately.

Officials have received multiple complaints in the past two weeks, resulting in the issuance of a warning and two tickets, as well as notice to the owner that failure to wear masks and post the proper signage would result in the food establishment permit being revoked for an imminent health hazard. Three additional complaints of non-compliance with the health order were received this morning prompting today’s action.

“Despite our multiple attempts to work with the business to comply, the owner knowingly and willingly continued to violate the health order,” said Troy Schulte, Jackson County Administrator. “It is clear by the number of complaints we received that people in our community are concerned about the spread of the virus and are holding others accountable to prevent further pain, sickness and death in our community. Our order is in place to protect public health. We are grateful for those businesses who are doing their part to help us get through this pandemic and will continue to act accordingly for those who are not.”

Enforcement of Jackson County’s health orders is complaint-based as it has been throughout the pandemic. The environmental health officials visit places as they receive complaints and have to visibly verify the violation in order to issue a warning or ticket. One warning and education on corrective action is provided before a ticket of non-compliance is issued.

Since the County’s public health order requiring masks took effect on August 9, there have been:

- Over 500 complaints

- 86 warnings

- 22 tickets

So far, the County has revoked permits at three businesses, including Rae’s Café, for non-compliance with a health order over the course of the pandemic. A copy of the letter to Rae’s Café is attached. Complaints about businesses violating the health order can be submitted using this online form.


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