Jackson County Democrats Challenge Missouri GOP On Redistricting

Not so long ago Missouri was a bellwether state the provided a decent indication for the course of national elections. 

Now, for more than a decade Missouri has flipped and Republicans hold a super majority with only a handful of Democratic Party electeds who spend most of their time slap fighting each other over history exhibits and drunk dials to secretaries/activist/operatives.  

Sadly, Anderson Cooper is a better spokesperson for Democratic Party values than any local leader. Even worse, regional leaders hold almost no credibility outside a small circle of activists and sycophant résumé builders. Whilst our friends try their best . . . Somewhere along the line they forgot that they work for voters . . . Not the other way around.

To be fair, here at www.TonysKansasCity.com we offer the latest word on redistricting from Jackson County Democrats . . . And the longstanding hope that local leaders can turn around their losing streak.

Jackson County Democrats: Redistricting
The difficult and highly political process of drawing new lines for Congressional, Senate and House maps is underway. Here are a few key questions that may determine Democratic success over the next ten years:
-Will Republicans try to make Congressional District 5 (Cleaver) more conservative by splitting up Kansas City
-Will Republicans try to draw Congressional District 2 (Wagner) more conservative by keeping CD 1 (Bush) very dense and pulling more rural voters
-How will State House and Senate maps change to account for a decline in rural counties and gains in suburban areas of Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia and Springfield
-Will historically African American districts be maintained?


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