Insider: New Concessions Bid Excludes Kansas City Chiefs Partnership!!!

Apropos for Sunday, we're sharing another insider tidbit regarding the airport concessions deal that's sparking controversy among the politically connected . . . It seems that New KCI participation with the Kansas City Chiefs, or lack thereof, has become an important talking point.  

Here's the deal according to KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS . . .

"It turns out the former Super Bowl champs are aligned with another group that's out of the running — They won't really be able to participate in any significant way with the current concession front runner." 

And so . . . 

Concessions for the new airport that's supposed to debut amid the NFL draft will mostly exclude The Kansas City Chiefs.

There might a few token appearances but not any kind of real partnership. 

Or course this tidbit is part of a great deal of argumentation that hopes to flip this increasingly controversial bid. 

Developing . . .