Documentary Explores 'Drama Therapy' After Kansas City Predator Priest Assaults

A horrific legacy of local sexual abuse has tarnished the perception and influence of Catholics in Kansas City. 

Victims of the abuse continue to struggle with guilty, blame, suspicion and disbelief.

Recently, a moviemaker offered a glimpse inside the road to recovery for some victims . . .

"Robert Greene’s Procession is a stirring film that answers these questions with deep sincerity and generosity. Premiering at the Telluride Film Festival, the documentary follows six men in Kansas City, Missouri, who were abused by Catholic priests and clergy, as they, through a drama therapy-inspired experiment, attempt to exorcise their trauma. As they perform the stories of their life, the work — both the documentary and the exercise — yields fascinating and cathartic results."

Apropos for an alternative Sunday story, read more via news link . . .

'Procession': Film Review | Telluride 2021

Memories of trauma - buried deep within the body, locked in a casket of shame - are difficult to excavate. Remembering can be a different kind of violence, so the mind resists recollecting that which has been shunned in the name of self-protection. But what happens when concealing no longer provides a certain level of safety?