Customer Review: Victimized By Kansas City Star!!!

The Internets digital subscription game isn't as easy as it looks.

Accordingly, we share this popular bit of testimony from TOP ECHELON KANSAS CITY INSIDERS which offers a glimpse at reports of digital dead-tree media dissatisfaction . . .

Raise your hand if you have felt personally victimized by the KC Star.

I am so livid right now! Back in June, I wanted to trim my budget and decided I could no longer afford my KC Star subscription. I called and emailed probably 2 dozen times before I could finally confirm the cancellation. Then, in the days leading up to the end of my subscription, I was receiving 5+ phone calls A DAY begging me to stay and offering me steeper and steeper discounts. 

I am convinced they are holding those customer service reps at gunpoint with the instruction that they will pull the trigger of they ever accept no for an answer. I had to block their number because I felt so harassed. I thought it was over, but last week I noticed a $40 charge from them, despite me having it *in writing* that I would receive no further charges. When I inquired, they told me it was for a digital subscription - which I never signed up for. I had explicitly declined their offer for it. 

It's all in writing. I forwarded them the email correspondence where this played out, but they have REFUSED to give me money back. "Subscription payments are non-refundable" - even if you never signed up for it! This is infuriating. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB. 

Is this even legal? 

I had fully planned on resubscribing in the future, but they couldn't pay me to be a customer again. PSA - NEVER GIVE YOUR CARD OR BANK INFORMATION TO THE KANSAS CITY STAR. They will squeeze every penny they can out of you.


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