COVID Mask Rules Complicate Debate Over JoCo Sheriff Election

The pandemic is thwarting local Democracy and recent community outrage offers proof of this tragic trend.

Check the description of the crowd . . .

Most of the overflow audience refused to leave when asked. Several however shouted recommendations . . . They requested that the chair find a larger space or hold the meeting outside to accommodate the crowd. He refused and ended the meeting. County officials also shut down the live feed.

Read more via news link about a story from the suburbs that also involves community outcry over law enforcement representation  . . .

Charter Commission chair cancels meeting, six members stay to listen to public - The Sentinel

A formal public hearing before the Johnson County Charter Commission ended abruptly last night, but a handful of its 25-members stayed behind to listen to a boisterous crowd determined to address the group. Chair Greg Musil asked the audience members to don face masks.