The ongoing and seemingly never-ending plague have put the future of the airline industry in doubt.

Many experts believe that teleconferencing and hybrid-work from home models are the future of biz whilst the American jet-set has faded considerably. 

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As evidence of this fact of life we share a bevy of info for consideration.

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Airlines are scaling back flights in Q4. Here's what's happening at KCI

Many airlines are seeing softer bookings in the months ahead because of the Delta variant. That's one factor leading airlines to scale back the number of flights scheduled for the latter portion of the year, according to a review of flight data by The Business Journals.

Air travel sees sharp decline as delta variant continues to derail vacation plans

Summer travel was the big bounce-back story for 2021, with Covid-weary American travelers spending $6 billion on domestic flights in June alone, swapping screen time for downtime. The delta variant of the coronavirus rapidly changed all that.

Europe Wants Unvaccinated Americans to Stay Home. It's a Setback for Airline Stocks.

Americans who managed a holiday in Europe this summer may have sneaked in under the wire. New travel restrictions may be coming for unvaccinated Americans as Covid-19 cases surge in the U.S. The European Union on Monday removed the U.S. from its list of countries for which nonessential travel restrictions should be lifted.

Is it still safe to fly a foreign country's airlines if FAA downgrades its aviation system?

What does it mean for flight safety when the Federal Aviation Administration downgrades another country's aviation system like it did with Mexico this year? - Jessica M., Mexico City In May, the U.S. downgraded the Mexican aviation system from Level 1 to Level 2 after reviewing its performance from October 2020 through February 2021.

Flight Bookings Decline in August as Delta Surges

Airline travelers are planning fewer trips as the delta variant of the coronavirus surges, according to an by Adobe Analytics, which recorded the second-straight month of declining bookings in August.

TSA airport screenings drop to lowest since May as travel and fares fall

Summer travel season is fading, driving down airfares and raising questions about demand in the coming weeks when business travel would normally pick up. The Transportation Security Administration screened nearly 1.35 million people on Tuesday, the fewest since May 11.

Delta Variant Slams Brakes On U.S. Domestic Air Travel As Demand, Flight Prices Drop Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

The surge in coronavirus cases across the U.S. is slamming the brakes on the recovery of the travel industry, according to Adobe's Digital Economy Index, reversing a months-long trend of rebounding demand and prices for domestic air travel that was only just reaching pre-pandemic levels. In June, U.S.

Covid-19 delta variant takes toll on air travel

Throughput at TSA checkpoints on Aug. 31 dipped to the lowest level since May 11. For the day, 1.35 million people passed through airport security checks, compared to 2.04 million in 2019. It was the first time since May 11 that the throughput number was below 1.4 million.

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