Counterpoint: Deadbeat Schools Caused Student Lunch Crisis

This week we've been reporting problems in the local supply chain. 

Like it or not, and we may not completely agree, an irascible denizen of the comments offers an alternative perspective that deserves just a bit of consideration . . . 

"I work in foodservice distribution and the article doesn’t say is that schools are low margin garbage business. In the past distributors agreed to take the business on justifying it by saying “it’ll help fill the trucks we have in the area”. Now that they’re having a hard time finding employees even with good wages and sign on bonuses ($15k bonus/$30/hr for drivers at the Company that cut Hickman Mills off) it only makes sense for them to cut the garbage that they break even on at best.

"Shawnee Mission, Grandview, Center, Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley, Olathe, Gardner school districts are all still receiving deliveries from these companies…because they’re willing to pay fair prices. Ghetto ass Hickman Mills and KCMO have no business crying “Woe is me” here. Cut a garbage, do nothing central office admin position or two and pay your distributors!"

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COVID Kills Kansas City School Lunches

The American supply chain continues to crumble as the plague persists. Here's a peek on another impact working against the NextGen . . . "Hickman Mills is just one of many school districts across both the Kansas City metro area and the country dealing with meal shortages.

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