The plauge is real and now it threatens the lives of youngsters.

What's more important is that the conversation which blames people from dying from COVID is now at an end . . . Skeptics were happy to scoff at the death of overweight or old people, that same rhetorical tactic won't be effective now that innocent youngsters are impacted.

Sadly, the spread of COVID in schools seems to be ramping up in the Sunflower State . . .  

"Meanwhile, the health department reported 11 new COVID-19 clusters at schools. The department's data showed 72 active school outbreaks across Kansas, with 537 cases and one hospitalization."

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Official: Kansas middle school student died of COVID-19

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A state education official said Wednesday that a Kansas middle school student has died of COVID-19. The child's death would be the first reported COVID-19 death of someone aged 10 to 17 in Kansas and only the third reported for someone under 18.