Climate Change Disaster Confronts Kansas City

I'm not sure if Kansas City can change the planet in the 12 years before AOC predicted the end of the world.

If we're lucky, the streetcar extension might be finished by that time.

Nevertheless, here's another harbinger of local doom that contains quite a bit of useful info . . .

"National Climate Assessment estimates extreme rain events will be more recurrent in the Midwest and projects the amount of precipitation to surge by thirty percent at the end of the twenty-first century. In Missouri specifically, nearly sixty-two percent of the years between 1981 and 2019 saw above normal precipitation, according to data from the Missouri Climate Center. 

"As an urban center near the Missouri River, this rise in runoff could damage critical infrastructure in Kansas City such as bridges and buildings. It could also overwhelm the city’s combined sewer system, which then could release sewage and pollution overflow into streams and rivers."

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No, Kansas City will not escape climate change unscathed

Sitting near the exact center of the country, Kansas City seems isolated from the extreme weather plaguing the coasts during this time of climate change. There are no shrinking shorelines to worry about nor forest fires due to the area's humidity. That doesn't mean Kansas City is immune.