Broke-Ass Plebs Celebrate Kansas City Real Estate Pr0n Saturday

Counting other people's money is one of the most unproductive pastimes enjoyed by the American middle-class. 

Still, envy powers a great deal of the consumer economy so it's encouraged. 

Fact is . . . Coveting the lives of our betters is much more fun than asking serious questions about income inequality amid the global post-capitalist era

The pandemic has seen "free money" printed up at record levels and it's not surprising that serious questions about the future of the market economy have started to emerge.

Nevertheless . . . Real estate pr0n always drives the weekend news cycle and a great deal of online conversation . . . And so, here's a quick peek at the good life . . .

"The appetite for homes selling in the high six-figure range became voracious in 2020, and that trend continues into 2021 . . . Sales of such luxury homes increased 41.6% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2021, growing significantly more than the smaller increase for more moderately priced homes."

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Check out the most expensive homes for sale in Kansas City right now

by: Stacker Posted: / Updated: Buying a home is an investment - and an increasingly expensive one. The median value of a home in the United States reached $363,300 in July 2021, according to the National Association of Realtors.

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The wealthy - not the Fed - are to blame for low interest rates and rising inequality, study says

It's inequality that dragged interest rates lower, not the other way around, NBER researchers said Friday. Wealthy Americans' ballooning savings over the last two decades fueled interest rates' decline, they find. Lower rates lift asset values and help the rich get richer, an expert says. Or in other words, "inequality begets inequality!"

Wealth Income Gap Widens In U.S. Communities With Jackson Hole At The Top

To the surprise of few people, the wealth income gap among American communities is yawning ever wider, a new study has found. What might startle some, though, is that Teton County, home of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, boasts the highest income from assets in the nation.

Did inequality really increase during the pandemic?

This belief is also based on some actual evidence. Thanks to big increases in the prices of stocks and other assets after the initial shock of the pandemic, the nation's billionaires have in fact added many billions to their net worths, while lots of affluent homeowners and 401(k)-holders have added hundreds of thousands.

One way to address the wealth gap: Stop 'MacGyvering' Social Security

When I think about Social Security, I think about MacGyver. You know, the 1980s heartthrob who could defuse a bomb with a paperclip. (The show has even been rebooted) Bear with me. Time and time again, MacGyver would wait until the very last second to stave off disaster.

Who can afford to live in the American west when locals can't?

've long been accustomed to people outside the American west knowing next to nothing about my home state of Montana. Real things people have said to me over the years: is it part of Canada? Overrun with nothing but meth? A mythical place with big skies and nobody but macho cowfolk?

You decide . .