Brittany Matthews Defends Her Career Against Troll

We could have a debate about worsening American wealth inequity but that really wouldn't be any fun.

Instead . . . The "queen of Kansas City" shutting down a troll is much more interesting and relevant for the plebs to consider in between toilet breaks . . .

In the comments of an Instagram post Matthews shared that featured her and Mahomes’ 6-month-old daughter, Sterling Skye, an Instagram critic wrote, “She most definitely twenty years from now is gonna be on some real house wifes of athletes type of show because for real what does she actually do besides just being the wife and mother of Pat Macs child.. like really why is she relevant.”

The lewd comment prompted a short reply by Matthews, who questioned, “and you follow me why?” She added a thinking face emoji.

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Brittany Matthews Shuts Down Social Media Critic Who Says She Doesn't Have Her Own Career

Matthews, who is engaged to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is a part owner of the Kansas City, Kansas, National Women's Soccer League franchise and a personal trainer Brittany Matthews is brushing off a critic who had a lot of thoughts to share in her Instagram comments.