Bishop Miege High School Joins Johnson County Mask Push Back

A grassroots sign of resistance merits a bit of attention today given that suburbanites are training Gen Z to overreact to cable news punditry.

Brief TKC aside . . . 

The mask option is interesting if only because the school hosts quite a few Latino students and, statistically, those youngsters MIGHT be more likely to spread the plauge to vulnerable populations beyond the precious confines of Roeland Park. 

But I'm sure Catholic educators understand epidemiology better than TKC given that this place also teaches the pseudoscience of "natural family planning" which dissuades future parents married couples from using more reliable forms of birth control.

More importantly, this tiny bit of resistance is yet another sign of growing JoCo discontent with mask rules.

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Bishop Miege High School makes masks optional, putting it at odds with Roeland Park's citywide order

Bishop Miege High School implemented a new policy Monday that makes wearing face masks in the school optional for students, faculty and staff. The move sparked a discussion among Roeland Park city officials, who say the school's amended policy goes against the city's order that masks be worn in nearly all indoor public settings.

Johnson County mask lawsuit by Blue Valley student dismissed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A lawsuit against a Johnson County Board of County Commissioners' mandate requiring masks for kindergarten through sixth grade students has been dismissed. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Blue Valley School District middle school student, M.M.C.

Posted in fairness and even if we disagree with so much antipathy against harmless face coverings, here’s a more supporting right-wing screed against mask stats . . .

KU researchers mislead (again) on mask mandate efficacy - The Sentinel

The University of Kansas issued a press release on Monday, quoting a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by KU professors Dr. Donna Ginther and Dr. Carlos Zambrana, which declares that mask mandates work. Not masks, mind you, mask mandates.

A Kansas test case worth consideration . . .

With unique mask policy, Spring Hill School District sees COVID cases spike, worrying some

SPRING HILL, Kan. - It's a COVID-19 outlier when compared to its neighbors. That's why some parents in the Spring Hill School District are feeling anxious as the district continues its policy allowing parents to opt-out of masking for students.

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