American Housing Hot Mess Incites Political Upheaval

This report doesn't specifically mention Kansas City BUT the topic relates to the Western World overall and what might be one of the root causes of so much upheaval.

From our vantage . . . Here's the money line . . .

"It is possible that even the political and culture wars being waged in many Western countries have their roots in housing shortages, as a recent report for The Economist argued. Elections in the English-speaking world are increasingly becoming divided between relatively prosperous and well-educated citizens of cities and their suburbs on one side and people in the rest of the country – rural areas and economically depressed towns – who resent the perception that the system is rigged in favour of the already well-off. Britons and French people living in areas where house prices were stagnant were more likely to vote for Brexit or the National Front respectively."

This is probably one of the smartest articles we've read this week sent our way by the VERY BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC TIPSTERS . . . Read more via news link . . .

The housing theory of everything - Works in Progress

Try listing every problem the Western world has at the moment. Along with Covid, you might include slow growth, climate change, poor health, financial instability, economic inequality, and falling fertility. These longer-term trends contribute to a sense of malaise that many of us feel about our societies.