Amanda Adkins Denounces 'Biden-Davids Disaster' In Campaign Blast

Republicans across the nation are gearing up for the Midterm election "red wave" as even Democratic Party polling reports widespread disappointment with the new Prez

And so, in a Kansas congressional contest . . . Amanda Adkins continues to hammer away at the incumbent and connect her to frustration with the White House. And, of course, ask for cash.

Here's the highlight from her latest missive . . .

The Biden-Davids disaster

In the past month, we’ve seen the disastrous results of Joe Biden and Sharice Davids’ failed leftist policies come into full view.

- President Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is the most humiliating foreign policy disaster in living memory.  

-Skyrocketing inflation is impacting Kansas families at the check-out line and the gas pump.

-The House Democrats’ irresponsible $3.5 trillion spending spree will leave future generations $90,000 in debt the second they’re born.  

-And the left’s call for a multi-trillion-dollar tax hike will hurt businesses and cost Americans countless jobs.  

It couldn’t be clearer – the Democrats’ one-party control of Washington is an unmitigated disaster for our country.  

It’s time for a change in Kansas District 3 and America. Please help me defeat Davids, retire Pelosi, and hold President Biden accountable by RUSHING your best gift right now. 


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